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Case Study

Sunrise Cannabis: An Ekidna Case Study

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Traditional testing methodologies for cannabinoid potency can result in a significant lag time between harvesting and obtaining COA results. The flower needs to be dried and cured, followed by further delays from shipping and sample queue at testing facilities. These delays impede the beginning of the sales cycle, increase the potential for quality degradation in storage, prevent accessible potency monitoring for harvest window optimization, and disallow spot checks for monitoring grow room and plant potency homogeneity.

Sunrise Cannabis, located in Ottawa, is a pioneering force in blending the precision and rigour of advanced systems with the potential of cannabis. At Sunrise, quality, innovation, and transparency are combined with a relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment, resulting in products of the highest calibre.

Due to this commitment and drive to produce the highest quality cannabis, Sunrise uses Ekidna’s pre-harvest fresh flower test to investigate how cannabinoid potency might vary throughout the plant and throughout the grow room to inform future grows and optimize conditions for potency production. Additionally, Sunrise was able to confidently use Ekidna’s pre-harvest result to begin their sales cycle with pricing based on the forecasted post-dried COA potency – Sunrise is able to do so because Ekidna’s pre-harvest test aligns with High North’s COA potency result as indicated in the table below.

Check out the complete case study to see how Ekidna’s pre-harvest test confirms plant variability, the importance of monitoring environmentals, and how our results compare to an academic HPLC!