Ekidna | 5-minute Cannabinoid Potency Testing System

It’s Better Than Having
Your Own Lab

Grow your cannabis business with the fastest, most accurate, most reliable potency testing on the market

Cannabis Testing On the Go

Ekidna provides accurate numbers for THC, THCa, CBD, and CBDa potency in minutes. Our lab-on-a-chip technology was developed by a team of university professors and researchers who saw the need for a better way to test.

If you’re a smaller cannabis producer who has to mail samples to a lab service, say goodbye to the long wait for results. For larger producers with their own labs, there’s no need to worry about production bottlenecks any more.

No matter the size of your operation, Ekidna can help you streamline testing, get products to market faster, and maximize operational efficiency.


Each test takes only 5 minutes
— monitor in real time.


+/- 1% by weight —
as accurate as a lab.


Anyone can learn to test in
minutes — no scientific training needed.


2” x 2” x 5” system sits comfortably
in the palm of your hand.


Less fuss than a regular lab —
no maintenance or calibration needed.

Operational Benefits

What if you could get your results back in real time? What if you could monitor your crops day to day, or your extracts as soon as your extraction is done?

Time Your Harvest for Better Prices

Test as often as you need to determine peak THC levels.

Better, More Informed Decisions

Adjust your product at any stage in the process.


Test in as many locations simultaneously as you like.

Makes the Most

Helps ensure no resource is idle.

Maximizes Throughput

Minimizes stop-points in production.

Helps You Scale
Your Operation

Simple device helps you grow your business.

Ekidna in the News

Report: Accounting for Moisture Content in Fresh Cannabis

Traditional cannabis potency testing can result in a significant lag time between harvesting and knowledge of potency results, impeding the flow of production. The product must be harvested, dried, and cured over multiple days before it can be entered into sample queues at third-party testing facilities, which can take days or weeks to move through. Testing freshly-harvested cannabis material with a third-party laboratory is logistically more complex than testing cured flower samples. The plant material is more pliable, requiring modified grinding and […]

Sunrise Cannabis: An Ekidna Case Study

Traditional testing methodologies for cannabinoid potency can result in a significant lag time between harvesting and obtaining COA results. The flower needs to be dried and cured, followed by further delays from shipping and sample queue at testing facilities. These delays impede the beginning of the sales cycle, increase the potential for quality degradation in storage, prevent accessible potency monitoring for harvest window optimization, and disallow spot checks for monitoring grow room and plant potency homogeneity. Sunrise Cannabis, located in Ottawa, is […]

A Potency Testing Journey With Former Cannabis President Rob Jones

Where extractors are now, logistics, path planning and what you take with you. How do the costs and timelines of off-site potency testing affect extractors’ day-to-day operations — and the saleability of their final product? Do these delays and expenses create a ripple effect some LPs may not have considered?  We sat down with former Christina Lakes Cannabis (CLC) President Rob Jones to understand the challenges at the heart of the lab testing status quo — and where real-time potency results can […]

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