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Better Efficiency for the
Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is in its infancy, but needs purpose-built testing solutions in order to realize its true potential. Ekidna’s rapid, accurate, and decentralized cannabis testing technology helps licensed producers eliminate production bottlenecks, reduce operational costs, and bring their products to market faster.

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A Unique Team

We’ve brought together a group of people with expertise in electrical sensors, chemical diagnostics and biology. No one else in the world is better able to deliver rapid testing solutions with the accuracy that the cannabis industry needs.

Mission and Vision


To accelerate the fourth industrial revolution for the
global agricultural and manufacturing network.


We exist to democratize industrial testing so that everyone has the
information they need to optimize their operations and thrive.

Our Partners

LD Tool & Die

LD Tool & Die is an Ontario company with a rich history of supporting biotech companies, including Spartan Bioscience and DNA Genotek (the designers of the 23andMe consumer DNA testing kit). As our manufacturing and logistics partner for the test kits, LD Tool & Die receives parts and materials, manufactures parts, assembles and packages the test kits, and then organizes the shipping. LD Tool & Die is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified, and is certified under the Controlled Goods Program.

Visit the LD Tool & Die website


MicroArt is our electronics hardware and printed circuit board (PCB) partner that manufactures and sources parts for our reader device. Also an Ontario company, they have a 40+ year history of supporting manufacturing for health sciences, aerospace, energy, wearables, robotics, agriculture, and other industries. They have multiple ISO and other key certifications.

Visit the Microart website