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Growers and cannabis product manufacturers alike have been using Ekidna with great results.

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Purplefarm Genetics with Ekidna

Jonah Clifford, COO of Purplefarm, opens up about his experience with Ekidna in this case study video. Hear about life before discovering Ekidna and the difference Ekidna made at multiple levels of his process and workflows.

Check out the written version of the case study here.

Reduced Time to Market with Ekidna's Pre-Harvest Potency Test

“This process is super easy, and way more accurate than other tests like colour based ones. I’ve used those before and they’re just awful. I’m really excited about being able to monitor our crops throughout their grow cycle.”

- Justin Ambar, Director, Sunrise Cannabis

Sunrise is a Health Canada-licensed cultivator. They take an artisanal approach to their craft, using state-of-the-art equipment to breed and nurture unique cannabis cultivars for wholesale.

Time delays were a massive problem for Sunrise — after harvest, they had product waiting to be dried and then sit in storage for 3-8 weeks before selling it. In the wholesale market, product price is based on THC and CBD percentages, and only once producers have those numbers will a wholesaler sign a contract. The catch is that if the initial numbers aren’t in line with the final lab results, wholesalers will reduce the price and lose trust in the grower.

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The fast, accurate test results provided by Ekidna's lab-aligned pre-harvest fresh flower test help Sunrise engage buyers earlier and sell their product faster. Wholesalers can rely on the pro forma contracts and Sunrise's ability to deliver.

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Better Product Understanding
for a CBD Product Manufacturer

“This is the piece of the puzzle that has been missing from our operations.”

- Maddie Brown, RPN, Founder, MBL Apothecary

For MBL Apothecary, creating CBD ingestibles and skin care products is a labour of love as well as a business. Providing products with quality and integrity is essential to retaining and expanding their boutique clientele.

Mailing samples away to a lab, however, was a significant expense that meant MBL Apothecary couldn’t test their samples as often as they would like. As a result, they didn’t have the perfect control over their processes that they wanted.

Testing with Ekidna changed that. The MBL Apothecary team loved being able to test in-house much more frequently, and will enjoy significant direct cost savings as a result. Ekidna will empower the team to make more downstream products based on more reliable numbers and will provide better process control at every step of the way.

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Faster Troubleshooting and Time to Market for a CBD Beverage Facility

Responding to initial success and projected demand, a CBD beverage manufacturer spent two years and $7M on a new manufacturing plant.

Part of the problem was that there were delays caused by turnaround time for lab results, compounded by the fact that there were four stages in their process where they needed to do testing. Additionally, investigations often found that there was not one root cause of each problem, but several contributing factors.

While no new manufacturing process is able to operate at full capacity on day one, this manufacturer was facing challenges troubleshooting its process.

The rapid testing provided by Ekidna will shorten troubleshooting time and reduce the production cycle time for each batch from three days to two. This will enable much greater gross profits per cycle.


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