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Lab-on-a-Chip Technology
for Cannabis Growers

Lab-on-a-chip technology has been used reliably for over four decades to help diabetics monitor their blood glucose levels.

Now Ekidna brings lab-on-a-chip to cannabis growers and manufacturers to enable fast, accurate, and decentralized potency testing of cannabis samples for: THC, THCa, CBD, and CBDa.


What Exactly is Ekidna?

The Ekidna test consists of a 2" x 2" x 5" electronic USB reader, single-use test kits, and software compatible with Windows OS.

The test kits contain Ekidna's lab-on-a-chip, which uses patented electronic sensor technology to provide accurate total CBD or THC potency test results.

The Perfect CBD and THC
Potency Testing Solution

We made it happen with Ekidna! No other solution offers such an ideal combination of speed, cost, and accuracy.

MethodSpeedCapital CostAccuracy
Ekidna5 mins$3k90-98%
Lab/HPLC1-14 days$500k - $20M90-98%
Portable HPLC~45 min$30k+75-90%
Light Based Systems1-2 hours$35k+50-95%

Use Cases

For cannabis growers

  • Monitor and optimize your crop growth.
  • Time your harvest for maximum THC content and better prices.
  • Report THC and/or CBD levels to wholesalers earlier to ensure fast sales.
  • Ensure hemp crops do not contain too much THC.

For cannabis product manufacturers

  • Test batches during different process steps.
  • Ensure product meets final spec early in the process.

The 4 Step Process

It’s extremely easy to get accurate results every time. Here are the steps for testing a dry flower sample:


Weigh, fill, and shake the sample — then wait 1 minute


Vortex the sample for 10 seconds, wait 4 minutes


Extract the liquid and transfer to test tube — use the pink cap


Click tube into Ekidna reader & see results

Ekidna can test liquid samples; that process is just as easy, involving a syringe to collect the sample. The process is identical once you inject the sample into the test tube.

Advantages for
Cannabis Growers

Highly Accurate

Ekidna is as accurate as a lab, with an error rate of +/- 1% by weight. It can currently be used for flower samples that range from 1.86%–38.11% THCa and 4%-20% THC.

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Within about five minutes, you can have an accurate read on screen to help you make informed decisions about your product and your process.

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Enables Decentralized Testing

If you’re a grower, you can test in the field as often as you like. If you’re a cannabis products producer, you can check every batch of product at every step of the process — no need to spend time and money sending samples to a lab.

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Easy to Use

No scientific expertise is needed to run a test. Anyone who can reliably follow a process can learn to do the test accurately in minutes.

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On-site labs aren’t just expensive to build, they’re expensive to staff and maintain. Ekidna is maintenance-free and will continuously deliver accurate results.

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A Reliable Part of Your Supply Chain

Ekidna is manufactured almost entirely in Ontario, Canada. LD Tool and Die and Microart, our manufacturing partners, have reliably sourced all required parts and materials for both test kits and readers.

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