Ekidna & Cropsify Collaborating for Production Efficiency


Ekidna x Cropsify: Collaborating to Transform Cannabis Production Efficiency

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Ekidna, a leading provider of on-site potency test systems, and Cropsify, a comprehensive all-in-one software solution, are excited to announce their integration aimed at simplifying cannabis production. By combining these cutting-edge technologies, we empower cannabis cultivators, extractors, and breeders to streamline their operations, improve decision-making, and maximize efficiency.

Ekidna’s on-site potency test system offers licensed producers a game-changing solution to assess the strength of their cannabis products within seven minutes. This groundbreaking technology eliminates lab-induced delays and enables producers to make informed decisions based on HPLC-accurate THC potency results. By knowing their grow beyond physical attributes, Ekidna empowers cannabis companies to drive production and enhance quality assurance during R&D, pheno hunts, and the extraction processes.

Cropsify has established itself as a leading all-in-one software platform designed to simplify and centralize cannabis production management. From cultivation compliance to packaging and distribution, Cropsify’s comprehensive suite of tools helps cannabis companies stay compliant and monitor their products seamlessly. By removing the complexity associated with managing multiple software systems, Cropsify enables businesses to focus on growth and productivity.

Recognizing the shared goal of optimizing cannabis production and data management, Ekidna and Cropsify have teamed up to provide an integrated solution for cannabis businesses. Through this integration, Ekidna’s potency test data can now be seamlessly uploaded to Cropsify’s software, creating a unified hub for record-keeping and performance analysis. This integration empowers producers to access a comprehensive overview of their production performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency.

You can learn more about this new integration by reaching out to our team!

About Ekidna: Ekidna is a leading provider of on-site potency test systems for the cannabis industry. By offering licensed producers a quick and accurate testing solution, Ekidna empowers businesses to make informed decisions and drive production efficiency. For more information, visit our product page.

About Cropsify: Cropsify is an all-in-one software platform designed to streamline and centralize cannabis production management. With features ranging from compliance monitoring to product tracking, Cropsify simplifies operations and enhances productivity for cannabis companies. For more information, visit Cropsify online.