Ekidna x ventureLAB's Hardware Catalyst Initiative Program


Ekidna Sensing’s Success in ventureLAB’s First HCI Cohort


Ekidna’s CEO, Nic Boileau, spoke with ventureLAB to discuss Ekidna’s journey from a research project for medical diagnostic biosensors at the University of Ottawa into cannabinoid potency tests for the cannabis industry.

As the cannabis industry grows, Ekidna is committed to providing innovative solutions to its challenges and aims to expand its lab-on-a-chip technology into other industries, such as wine and beer brewing and other agricultural applications. 

Through collaboration with ventureLAB’s Hardware Catalyst Initiative program, Canada’s first and only semiconductor-focused hardware incubator, Ekidna received support in product development, testing, and access to resources, which helped launch our THC potency test system. 

Check out the interview between Ekidna’s CEO, Nic Boileau and ventureLAB’s Kai Lim for the whole story: How Ekidna is Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry with Accessible Testing Devices.