Fast THC
Potency Testing

The Best Testing Solution for Growers and Product Manufacturers

Ekidna is the fastest, easiest, and most portable solution on the market. It’s more cost-effective than using a lab (even your own).

Ekidna’s lab-on-a-chip technology provides supremely accurate readings for THC & THCa in a unit that can fit in the palm of your hand.

With Ekidna, you can remove production bottlenecks and make better decisions about your crop or product.

  • Fast — each test takes about 5 minutes
  • Easy — no lab tech training needed
  • Decentralized — run many tests at once
  • Accurate — +/- 1% by weight (as accurate as a lab)
  • No calibrations or maintenance needed

Ekidna scales easily, helps maximize your output, and helps you make the most of operational expenses.

From Top Minds Come Great Ideas

This patented solution was designed by a team of professors and researchers from the University of Ottawa.

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It’s This Easy to Get Fast, Accurate Results

Weigh, fill, and shake the sample — then wait 1 minute

Vortex the sample for 10 seconds, wait 4 minutes

Extract the liquid and transfer to test tube — use the pink cap

Click tube into Ekidna reader & see results

Click tube into Ekidna reader & see results

What our customers are saying

“This is the piece of the puzzle that has been missing from our operations.”


“The Ekidna device… will enable better cultivation decisions, faster corrective actions, and more transparency to our customers.”

Purplefarm Genetics

“This process is super easy, and way more accurate than other tests like colour based ones. I’ve used those before and they’re just awful. I’m really excited about being able to monitor our crops throughout their grow cycle.”

In Igni

“Testing is a key component in getting products to market faster. Anything that shortens the testing time frame is money saved in our operations.”

Canopy Growth Corporation

Use Cases

Growing Crops

  • Monitor and optimize your crop growth.
  • Time your harvest for maximum THC content and better prices.
  • Report THC levels to wholesalers earlier to ensure fast sales.
  • Ensure hemp crops do not contain too much THC.

Product Manufacturing

  • Test batches during different process steps.
  • Ensure product meets potency requirements early in the process.

The Perfect THC
Potency Testing Solution

No other solution offers such an optimal combination of benefits.
MethodSPEEDCapital costAccuracy
Ekidna 5 mins$3k90-98%
Lab/HPLC1-14 days$500k - $20M90-98%
Portable HPLC45 mins$30k+75-90%
Light Based Systems1-2 hours$35k+50-95%

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