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Pheno Hunting for Brand Superiority

December 9, 2022

Competition in the recreational cannabis industry is fierce, and billions of dollars are up for grabs. There is no NIKE, no Apple, no one brand widely recognized as the industry leader. The field is open, and the (pheno) hunt is on for the next super strain and the next super brand.  Who will create the […]

Innovating with sensors at your fingertips for the cannabis industry

December 2, 2022

Three years ago, while Nic Boileau was conducting research on biosensors as a PhD candidate, he got the idea for Ekidna. He started the company with a team of professors and PhD researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and Science at uOttawa in 2019. After leading his company to success, Nic reflects on the resources that he leveraged to start Ekidna as a student.

Testing is Key to Growing 20%+ THC Cannabis That Sells

August 31, 2022

In the North American market, the higher your cannabis’ THC count, the better the price you can get for your crops. Testing crop inputs and doing potency testing to time your harvest can help you produce a product that sells quickly, and for a better price.

Beware These Possible Sources of Pesticide Contamination in Cannabis Crops

July 12, 2022

Dr Cory Harris, an expert in cannabis and Tom Shipley, former CSO of Canopy Growth, provide five possible sources of pesticide contamination, and explain how to find the problem.

Should Your Cannabis Company Build Its Own Testing Lab?

June 17, 2022

Tom Shipley, former CSO for Canopy Growth, oversaw the design, construction and optimisation of 13 cannabinoid labs in multiple countries. In this article he gives you an tour of the costs and challenges of building your own on-premises lab.

Growing Up: the Outlook for the Cannabis Market in 2022 and Beyond

May 23, 2022

Here’s a look at the factors shaping the market in the decade to come. While the legal cannabis market is expected to grow past 2030, the market is maturing since the “gold rush” of 2017–2020. This means there’s some consolidation happening in agricultural production and product manufacturing, and things are tougher for Mom and Pop producers.

Ekidna Sensing Accepted into First VentureLAB HCI Cohort

January 30, 2020

We are proud to announce our participation in the first VentureLAB HCI cohort. This program is Canada’s first and only semiconductor focused hardware incubator, and has $13 million in joint funding from the federal government and industry technology leaders.

Ekidna on CTV Morning Live

November 12, 2019

CTV Morning Live: Our founders visited the CTV set and discussed the cannabis industry, how the Ekidna test works, and the research that started us off.

University of Ottawa Developing Device to Measure THC to CBD Ratio to Help Crops and Cops

October 22, 2019

From the GrowthOP: The cannabis industry may soon undergo a seismic shift that will lie in the hands of growers. Researchers from the University of Ottawa are working on a hand-held tool that measures the ratio of THC to CBD in cannabis crops.

University of Ottawa Develops Palm-Sized Cannabis Analysis Tool

October 20, 2019

From Researchers from the university developed a tool that measures the ratio of the two major pharmacological components of cannabis: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The low-cost, miniaturized device is also equipped with technology to help…

Made-in-Ottawa Device Puts Testing in the Hands of Pot Producers

October 19, 2019

From CBC News: Researchers at the University of Ottawa are developing a hand-held device they hope will revolutionize cannabis production by giving growers the ability to test the ratio of THC to CBD in their plants.

Les Secrets du Cannabis en Quelques Secondes

October 17, 2019

Le Droit: Des chercheurs de l’Université d’Ottawa ont mis au point une technologie miniaturisée pour permettre aux producteurs de cannabis de détecter et d’analyser en quelques secondes les concentrations des deux principaux composants pharmacologiques du cannabis, soit le THC,…