Fast, Accurate Potency Testing Without the Lab | Cannabis Testing - Commercial - Canada - USA

Fast, Accurate Potency Testing Without the Lab.

Did you know Ekidna delivers near-instant potency results by putting tests in your hands? With nanotechnology that makes the process simple, easy and portable, you can get accurate results within five minutes, every time.

  • Fast: Each test takes only 5 minutes — monitor in real time.
  • Accurate: +/- 1% by weight — as accurate as a lab.
  • Easy: No scientific training needed.
  • Portable: 2” x 2” x 5” system sits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • Painless: Less fuss than a regular lab — no maintenance or calibration needed.

Ekidna scales easily so you can maximize your output and make the most of operational expenses. Learn how the process works below!

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    The 4 Step Process

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4) to get accurate results with Ekidna — every time.
    These steps are all it takes to test your dry and wet flower samples:


    Weigh, fill, and shake the sample — then wait 1 minute


    Vortex the sample for 10 seconds, wait 4 minutes


    Extract the liquid and transfer to test tube — use the pink cap


    Click tube into Ekidna reader & see results

    Coming later in 2023: Ekidna will have the capability to test liquid samples! That process will be just as easy. Simply use a syringe to collect the sample. Then, once you inject it into the test tube, the rest of the process will be the same!

    Purchase Your Testing Equipment Today!

    We know potency testing is an important ⁠— and otherwise pricey ⁠— part of your business. It's important to us, too! That's why we offer a 45-day satisfaction guarantee for each purchase of our kits. If you aren't thrilled with Ekidna by then, we'll ensure you get a full refund! (Less the cost of used test kits). Why not give it a try?

    Still not sure? Watch our Demo video to discover what Ekidna can do!

    Use Cases

    For cannabis growers

    • Monitor and optimize your crop growth.
    • Time your harvest for maximum THC content and better prices.
    • Report THC and/or CBD levels to wholesalers earlier to ensure fast sales.
    • Ensure hemp crops do not contain too much THC.

    For cannabis product manufacturers

    • Test batches during different process steps.
    • Ensure product meets final spec early in the process.

    The Perfect CBD and THC
    Potency Testing Solution

    We made it happen with Ekidna! No other solution offers such an ideal combination of speed, cost, and accuracy.

    MethodSpeedCapital CostAccuracy
    Ekidna5 mins$3k90-98%
    Lab/HPLC1-14 days$500k - $20M90-98%
    Portable HPLC~45 min$30k+75-90%
    Light Based Systems1-2 hours$35k+50-95%

    Ready to try your first lab on a chip?

    Ekidna delivers fast, accurate and decentralized cannabis testing that enables a wide variety of use cases for growers and manufacturers. Try out Ekidna for yourself, and explore the many ways we can help improve your business’ efficiency and help you control risks.